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February 10, 2009 by Anup Shah

Medical stories from traditional news outlets bore me, as they should you. I hate reading about how exercise is good for the heart and how eating right prevents diseases A and B. Most of us already know that. With THP, I’m going to take your daily health news and hopefully regurgitate it into something that can tickle your brain a little bit.

I am a (future) medical student at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and hold bachelor’s degrees from the University of Texas at Austin in biomedical engineering and journalism. I’ve been a medical reporting intern at WCVB Channel 5 (ABC) in Boston and also held an internship at the health and science desk at the National Public Radio headquarters in Washington D.C. — although none of the views you read here represent the views of those organizations.

Most importantly though this site is about you, the reader. I’m looking for you to send me the intriguing stories, medical developments, and what everybody loves about a good website – videos, whether they’re serious or hilarious, as long as they have some relation to science and I like it, I’ll post it. And if you have ideas about the site, send those over as well.

Send it all to: thehealthpulse@gmail.com

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