Monday Pulse: May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011 by Anup Shah

  • What better way to start the week than with a face transplant?
  • If there’s any evidence out there that we think WAY too much about our diet, it’s the smartphone apps and pedometers we use to track every burned calorie. Counting calories is exhausting…and probably a good reason why it’s so hard to actually stick with a diet plan.
  • Today is full of fake studies designed to prove a venal researcher’s whims and bring in some cash: 1. Winter conception leads to greater autism risk.  2. Gay men report a higher cancer rate (probably done by some homophobic researcher)  3. Immigrant kids get fat to fit in with everyone else (a bold conclusion based on the soft questions asked in the study)
  • Also, for all you paranoid helicopter moms: Bottle feeding at age 2 is a risk factor in obesity. Give me a break. Don’t take your kids to McDonalds every other day and your kid won’t get fat. Plain and simple.
  • And finally for the obvious story of the day: 12 healthy ways to cut your cancer risk. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t even be posting these stories if all I’m going to do is bash them. It’s just so obvious, I don’t know why these online publications find them worth publishing. OK on to something less cynical.
  • See now. THIS IS WHAT WE LOOK FOR. How do ear infections in kids affect the ability to taste? This isn’t just another study trying to prove the correlation between two unrelated phenomena. This is about two of your five senses (hearing and taste), all related to each other by the cranial nerves that come directly from the brain. So the relation here isn’t totally random.
  • This is cool. Especially if you’re a physics buff. How high energy beams from particle accelerators can be used to help fight cancer. See the video below if the concept of particle accelerators scares you:
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